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This is my first blog

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This is my first blog

Hey, hi I'm Rojax, an artist, and this is my first blog written for me by my wife, Sherry.

Look, I don't even know how to turn on a computer, I guess I should say by choice. I'm a simple guy who just likes to paint paintings. I've got over 250 large paintings in a storage unit that I've been paying on for over 20 years. My art is different from just about anybody else's and I've learned through the few galleries that I've had my art in Laguna Beach and San Francisco, California, that it just doesn't fit in with these gallery's other artists' art. Their customers who liked their other art just weren't interested in mine.

At least my wife likes my art enough to put together a website for me on Fine Art America so that people can get inexpensive prints. She started this website about four years ago thinking a lot of people will see it there. Well, she didn't use all their tricks on how to get it seen so very few people ever find my website. Now she's telling me that she's going to learn how to get people to find out about it. At least she knew how to put together the website and now she's hired a local computer guy named Mark Rudiger ( who helps people with small businesses market their websites in order to sell their products off of the internet.

If you're like me and don't even know how to get this far, I would suggest you find someone to do it for you. I'm fortunate that my wife of 47 years is willing to learn how since it's expensive to have someone do it for you. It helps if you have someone in your family or a good friend that can help you with it. They say that nowadays a lot of people do a lot of their shopping on the internet. My wife says that people even do their shopping for art online. I guess like she says, you can reach a lot more buyers that way. Anyhow she's working on it and that's why she's writing this blog for me as another way to let people know about my art. I sure hope it works as I would like to make some extra money on top of my small social security retirement. At least, I have a lot of art that can be sold, either as original paintings or prints on just about anything, including T-shirts. I wear them myself and a lot of people comment on them and say they like them when I wear them. Come on people buy one of my Rojax art T-shirts or at least my art on a smartphone cover. My wife showed me how many different types of products my art can be printed on. I have to say that that is amazing.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs that my wife writes for me. She said that she would share information on what she learns about how to market your art online. If you would like to comment on my blog, you can email me at and my wife will check my emails for me and let me know what you said, hopefully, something nice. I'm really hoping that you will look at and like my art enough to buy something, even if it's on just a greeting card. It does seem like an easy way to shop for the holidays.

Anyhow, she was told that writing blogs is another way of getting people to know about you so she's going to continue to let you know if it is working and maybe tell you about all the other things she's learning when it comes to selling my art.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog.


Rojax (AKA) Derek Harris and Sherry Harris